Patient Information:


Risks and side effects:

Laser tattoo removal is the safest and easiest way to remove an unwanted tattoo. With today’s technology, we are able to precisely target the ink in your tattoo with minimal side effects. The laser energy gently passes through the outermost layer of skin until it reach your tattoo’s pigment and leaves the lower layers untouched. The skin is very rarely broken, although some swelling and sensitivity is common. For your comfort, we use a high-tech cooling system during the procedure to numb the skin prior to the tattoo removal procedure.

With any laser procedure there is a rare chance of hypopigmentation (lightening of the skin pigment) or hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin pigment), especially if pre- and post-treatment care instructions are not followed properly. Other occasional procedure risks include blistering, infection, or scabbing. Individuals taking certain medications like Ibuprofen may experience bruising. Side effects are infrequent and often improve over time.

Many patients are familiar with laser hair removal. Tattoo removal lasers do not need to penetrate as deeply into the skin as hair removal procedures, therefore tattoo laser are usually less painful.